Profit Maximiser – Bonus Bagging On Steroids

Just wanted to let you know about the new service from Mike Cruickshank, the guy who developed the brilliant Bonus Bagging system. Whereas the Bonus Bagging service was great for producing £300/£400 per month, the Profit Maximiser is producing that in a week.  I’ve attached some of the testimonials below & you can click here for more detailed information.

Not had chance to use the service yet but, having been an advocate and user of Bonus Bagging   for users I’ve no doubt that the claims and testimonials on the site are genuine. Think theres a free trial as well at the moment.


My profit for month one in Profit Maximising alone is set to break £2000 and a flatscreen TV (if it ever arrives). This is perhaps the best place on the internet to make easy money in your spare time! – Andrew N

Thanks to Profit Maximiser, my total betting profit for the month has exceeded £1000 for the first time. Thanks ever so much to Mike and to all you wonderful PM members. This experience has not only been profitable, but also very enjoyable. Long may it continue! I haven’t even done the bookie sign-up bonuses on the PM site yet and I’m still making over £1000 a month. – Christopher B

I do not post too often here, (busy cashing out bonuses) but if it is of any help to new members I have cashed out over £1300 in a few short months of signing up with Mike Cruickshank. – Kevan C

This is without a doubt the best thing I’ve done. I have given up working 70 hrs a week and can earn the same, often more by using this. It has bought me time, the most important commodity. – Jacky S

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