FX Sundays Course & Trading Update

The course produced by Jonah of FX Sundays is very concise and straight to the point which is no surpise of you’re been following him on Twitter. It comes in 6 modules which run through everything from the setting up of the charts to trade management and also includes a free bonus – a separate system to trade Oil.

Whats interesting about this free bonus is that, over the last couple of weeks whilst the FX markets havent performed too well, the Oil system has worked really well. Its definitely a genuine bonus rather than an additional useless incentive to buy something thats already useless so you’re left with 2 useless things rather than one. Only downside is that its a daily system traded on the 15 mins charts which means that its not a ‘set & forget’ system which, to a certain extent, the FX system is.

Theres a certain level of FX knowledge assumed but only to the extent that you know what FX is, what the charts look like, how to change time frames and set levels etc – no deep understanding of indicators or actual trading experience is required.

It depends how many pairs you choose to trade on a particular week as to how long it takes you to set the trades up for the following week. Although you can set up your charts over the weekend the trades arent set live until the London open to avoid any potential volatility in the overnight Asian markets.

I was lucky enough to be one of the few who got a free copy of the course but would have been glad to pay the £247 he’s charging for it now if i’d known how good it is. Jonah has promised full support to anyone who has bought the course but i wouldnt imagine theres too much that people need help with. He is still providing the weekly selections on his blog but potentially he made decide to pull the plug on these so definitely a good idea to get the course and bonus Oil system.

Highly recommended –
Check the blog out here

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