FX Sundays – Trader Is Now Producing Course Explaining His Training For Free

Mentioned this service last week – well since then Jonah has decided to put a course together explaining his trading approach and methodology for free to anyone who wants it basically. Think his intention is to trial this out, get some feedback, maybe tweak it and a little further down the line charge for it. Dont think he intends to stop providing the alerts any time soon because he feels that helps his own trading but highly recommend getting involved in this.

Jonah describes his methods as simple (although he does admit that it may be simple for him as he knows what he’s looking for) and you can choose to either ‘set & forget’ with no re-entries or re-enter trade up to 3 times if stopped out. Think this is a great opportunity for us all to get involved in something we can either learn from if we choose to and trade on our own, just follow the trade alerts or a bit of both.

Check the blog out here

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