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Not really had much to report on the Forex front for some time and i’d pretty much given up on finding something that was both low maintenance and sucessful. I mean if you found something like that you’d be happy to pay a fair amount every month for the service, right? I remember paying £150 a month for 3 months for a trade copier service which made a total of 4 trades, 3 of which were losers!

Now, thanks to Ray in New Zealand, i’ve come across a guy who has been giving his trades out since early last year via twitter. He then began a blog last November and now has a large number of followers due to the success of the trades.

Dont really need to add anything apart from a link to be honest – plus the fact that its FREE & according to Jonah the guy who runs it, it will stay free until he’s whisked off to Wall St! The trades are ‘set and forget’ if you like or you can watch them and re-enter if stopped out. An added bonus is the fact that its entertaining – he definitely calls a spade a spade, pretty unusual in this industry.

 Anyway as I said just follow the link and go through the old posts, previous months results etc. I’ve been looking at systems, services, EA’s etc for 4 years on this blog so its not often I can say I’ve found something different, but this is. Jonah genuinely wants to help people trade successfully and plans in the near future to expand on his trading methodology but in the meantime i’d recommend checking the blog out and demo trading his picks.


Check the blog out here

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