Mathematician Betting – More Good Results

This service seems to be getting better week by week now – i’ve attached Mondays review below and also some news about how the daily message will be simplified in the near future plus a promise of a historical list of results. All seems very positive and a highly recommended service.

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Mondays Review

There was no message yesterday which leaves
only Mondays excellent message to review and
that had two top of the message bets. The first
bet PARTY PALACE won at 8/1 having been as
big as 12/1 in earlier. The second bet AZRAEL
finished only second but that didn’t matter with
the saver Classic Colori winning. Plenty of big
analysis elsewhere with decent priced winners
so a brilliant day. Sometimes I torment myself
if winners are not given as full bets but I wasn’t
bothered both were the second tier bets. Thats
because the advice has always been that you
should stake these the same as the full bets.

That may sound contradictory but there is so
much evidence to suggest you do that. There
was also a good chance that I could have had
a different bet as I was looking at Scribe for a
bet with Azrael. That would have been a really
painful choice as they were 4th and 2nd so it
was really a very valuable decision to decide
to commit to PARTY PALACE. I’m trying my
best to limit these each way bets when they
are in the 3/1 to 9/2 range. Not because the
bets are wrong but when they lose they can
damage confidence more than usual and the
losing bets like that I find are psychologically
much harder to overcome. In the end we had
a great day and recent form has been strong.

S e r v i c e N e w s

I have started the slow process of simplifying
my messages. Making them shorter and just
clearer. I have to do that without impacting on
results but my form is excellent recently and
there is no sign of that being affected. I once
said that the service sometimes feels like I’m
driving a Double Decker bus full of members
at very fasts speed around a tight roundabout.

Some cope and find it thrilling. Others do not
and can suffer from force of gravity and that’s
why we can lose members who fall out of the
windows. I am trying to slow the bus down a
bit and keep it a lot simpler but it will take a
bit of time but results show it is worth doing.

We are also getting a detailed set of results
together to identify the good and bad. That’s
also going to take a bit of time but it will be
soon enough and will be fascinating reading.
In the meantime form is very strong and the
weather managable to I just want to start to
build up to Cheltenham and find some good
winners and carry on some consistent work.
This service has been underselling itself for
years and I want that to change and want it
to be more supportive to those who find the
service a little bit too complicated at times.

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