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Mathematician Betting continues to be profitable for its subscribers. Another good week this week and I should keep on top of the reviews more because its a service that does deserve – without doubt the best horsse-racing service i’ve ever come across (not a great deal of competition though to be honest). The daily message can be whatever you want them to be – a full education on racing stats in general and theat particular days racing or just a service advising his daily bets.

I’ve copied this weeks reviews for a bit of an insight both into Guys results and the standards he sets himself to deliver for his subscribers.

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F r i d a y ‘s R e v i e w

The message did well yesterday. Looking first at
the top of the message MALAYSIAN BOLEH won
beating the saver and that ensured a winning day.
Very frustrating to see his price collapse and one
or two bets have suffered from that recently but it
is not a trend and our prices tend to hold up well
overall. The second bet lost but SUN CLOUD ran
a lovely race in 2nd and SCHOTTISCHE only just
failed to land a nice place double by coming 4th.
The bottom of the message had a decent day as
the selections finished W L W W W L P L which
was more than good enough to call it a success.

Th u r s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

The top of the message had two bets yesterday from
the 14 previews. The first bet BURY PARADE lost in
a photo beaten by the only danger. Could have gone
either way but I dont think it was a bad bet and there
wasn’t much wrong with my analysis. The second bet
EXTREMELY ALERT each way placed. He ran a big
race but the winner was better. He was never in any
danger of being unplaced so the bet was never in real
danger but the price was dissapointing. What looks a
solid 4/1 each way in the morning suddenly turns into
a 5/2 chance and returns 2/1 and it starts to become
a poor bet unless you are on in the morning. Just one
of those horses whose price we couldnt control. Didnt
do much wrong with the two bets. Elsewhere results
the message was competetive without being stronger
than that. There were two races where we had stakes
returned so the other 12 previews returned 4 winners
and 8 losers. There was a big priced winner there so
we probably just won the day and when you consider
we had two photo finish defeats and a faller we didnt
do too badly in a message that tried to do too much.

W e d n e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

I found yesterday very annoying. I went with a bet on
Annaluna each way. She ran well and at one stage I
thought she’s win but she didn’t get home and ended
up a frustrating 4th place. Thats not what annoys me.
I said yesterday I had good Kempton options but the
prices forced me to Ludlow. I liked Purple ‘n Gold and
wanted to bet him each way but forecast at 11/2 this
became only 11/4 mid morning and I didn’t go with a
bet on him as he was half the price. LITMUS was so
much more annoying. Bearing in mind she was only
a filly in a large field I wanted a decent price close to
the expected 6/1. By mid morning she was only 7/2
and they were taking that price and I questioned the
value of the bet and looked elsewhere. Frustrating to
then see her win easily at 5/1 when 13/2 was easily
available before the race. I hope that what happened
was obvious to people. It shows the randomness of
advising bets. I have always said it’s just an artificial
excercise that shackles and constricts us both and
I still believe that. No problem though. One of those
things. I thought I was doing the right thing at those
prices to look elsewhere but it didnt turn out too well.

T u e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Held our own yesterday with a bet free message
based only at Wolverhampton. There were just 5
previews and we came out with two winners. The
prices were short enough but we did enough to
hold our own and results suggest a score draw.

M o n d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Yesterday showed yet again how profiling and using
statistics still work and can be devestating at times.
Its often the human element that sometimes spoils
that process but this method is working. Thought it
was a very smart message. BREAKHEART lost as
one of the top of the message horses but he failed
only by under a length and he may easily have won.
The othet bet REFLECT won at 7/1 having been far
bigger in the morning. There were 3 other races on
the day in the bottom of the message and we found
one 3/1 winner in Lord Buffhead and two losers and
overall from 5 previews I was pleased with results.

S a t u r d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Pleased with Saturdays Cheltenham dominated
message. We had 3 winners from the 7 previews
and that included CAPE TRIBULATION the best
bet in the message. I can’t remember a race as
compelling as that for a long time. Brilliant to be
on the winner in a race like that and it really did
whet the appetite for the Cheltenham Festival in
March. It shows how much the National Hunt is
missed when the weather turns bad but it looks
like we should get it back now which is pleasing

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