110% Growth for Felmina Alliance Account – Switching to Enhanced Account Form Monday

So since starting at the end of August through dome referrals and a lot of interest payments the balance in the Felmina account has grown to 110% of the original £500 ($800) deposit. Will be transferring this to the enhanced compounding account from Monday which will mean i cant touch it for 180 working days. Means i’m in it for the long haul but tit felt like the 46 days i’ve been in so far went pretty quick so we’ll see.

Another development over the past week has been the offer of a free $10 added to new accounts being opened when you deposit a minimum of $10 yourself. This is done via inputting a promotional code when you’re opening your account. The codes are individually unique so you need one each basically – if you would like one just email me at paul15563@hotmail.com.

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work

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Investment $800
Balance Now $1676.43
Growth 109.5
Working Days Remaining 134
Estimated Final Total $10378.41

Felmina Alliacnce Review

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