Even Better Week for Mathematician Betting

There was an improvement on the already impressive form shown by Mathematician Betting this week. Daily reviews of the selections are listed below.  I’ve highlighted some somments in the review of Mondays selections which i confirm what i’ve been saying about the service for a long – its far too understated. If you’re just looking at his reviews of the previous days you’d be understandably thinking the service is just ok whereas its much, much better than that.

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S a t u r d a y ‘s   R e v i e w

Has to be one of the best Saturday messages in a while
and I was overdue one like that. There have been strong
Saturday messages recently without a main bet winning
but MISS MILBORNE winning at 7/1 was just what was
needed. Overall I was happy with the work done given it
is the hardest day of the week. It didnt get going until a
few races in but the middle of the message was strong
and finished well and overall there were enough winners
to call it a very good message especially with the main
bet winning and it augurs well for the National Hunt too.


T h u r s d a y ‘s  M e s s a g e

It was a day where we were always chasing our tail and never managed to catch it. There wasn’t a bet but we ended up down on the previews with only one winner and some places. It was  a day where a coupole of big priced horses went very close to winning and we needed one to go in to finish ahead. Overall it was a message that underperformed and we finished behind.


W e d n e s d a y ‘s  M e s s a g e

I thought it was a very good message yesterday and with a bit more luck the three main bets could all have produced a profit. The 1st of my bets HAZY TOM won at15/8 making sure it could not be a bad day. I went with two win bets with the each way  double on INTHAR and LILAC TREE and we had a winner and a second and that landed a nice profit. That was very unlucky as the fast finishing INTHAR should have won and that would have produced two winners and the each way double. We did nick  a bit on the bet though. It was ROLLIN ´N TUMBLIN the main bet. Frustratingly he was 4th having suffered interference just as he was starting his run and the way he finished I think he would have been second or third and given his price it was still a pretty good run just not enough and I think we had the
placed taken away from us. Happy with the three bets overall and the rest of the message did very well. Sods Law I advised you to ignore it all but there were plenty of good winners there and overall it was quite a good message that deserved better.



T u e s d a y ‘s  M e s s a g e (6th November)

Short message yesterday and definately a speculative one that came with a warning that expectations were low. In the end from the five previews we had 2 horses placed and just a small loss. It could have been a good day if Pull The Pin had only held on in the photo having been backed from his morning price of 11/1 all the way down to 4/1. We didnt get the breaks but it happens and far from a complete disaster.

M o n d a y ‘s M e s s a g e (5th November)

High class message yesterday. Started badly with some less than Impressive Hurdle bets but it then began to fire. The Wolverhampton results were nothing short of outstanding. GUNG HO JACK won 8/1 and shortly after MOSCOW CHANCER won at 7/1 as well leading a 1-2-3 on the shortlist. DARK LANE won at 7/1 as the saver but the main bet in the race LASTKINGOFSCOTLAND placed each way as well turning that into a nice little profit in a race I had spot on. That
wasn’t it though as FOX APPEAL won at 8/1 in a split stake with a place winner. GHIZAO also won making that 5 outright winners. My headline bet POWERFUL WIND each way returned the full stakes. He did exactly what I said he would and I thought he was going well enough to win but the favourite beat him late but well staked and no
loss involved. My style in messages has often been deferential and downbeat when looking forward or backwards over messages. The quality of the work is good enough to be far more positive about the results we are getting week in and out in the message. There is so much luck picking the strongest bet each day and the process can be corrupted by many things like timing issues and the long detail in messages but overall the quality is unrivaled and the work is the most groundbreaking out their on the commercial market. I do not say that enough. The truth of the matter is its cutting edge work.

S u n d a y ‘s M e s s a g e (4th November)

Half a message on Sunday as my network provider went down
for hours. It looked doubtful there would even be a message at one stage so the day was written off. Quite surprised that the Cork Grand National forecast provided the 1st 2nd 4th and 5th albeit in the wrong order. In the end it showed the statistics in the race worked and were important and I might dip into a few of the bigger Irish races from time to time if the angles allow it.

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