Another good week for Mathematician Betting

Another good week for Mathematician Betting which has been typical of the service pretty much since i first looked at it back at the beginning of February. I’ve just copied and pasted Guys reviews of the previous days selections.

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Thursday ‘s M e s s a g e

A fine days work and an impressive message. We didnt get the jackpot as STEVIE THUNDER was only second but he still did his part in the each way double and NORTH CENTRAL was the highlight winning easily at 7/1. That made sure we had a decent winning day. COLD KNIGHT went down frustratingly in a photo but we were on each way and still managed to nick a bit. That was a smart message. Some superb groundwork that allowed us some perspective about some of the horses and what these had to do not least in North Centrals race. Overall it was smart.

W e d n e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

The three bets I highlighted yesterday returned a loser and two placed bets each way. A Small loss but not too unhappy with it given I wasn’t certain about much of it. Edgware Road lost by a short head photo with the saver in 3rd so another inch and we’d have won good money and he did nothing wrong at all and that wasn’t too bad a start. Highlife Dancer got beaten and ran badly and that just left Aussie Reigns to nick us a bit of place money
and the overall position was managable if a bit behind but there was the potential for losing a lot more so overall I’m fine with it.

T u e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Short message yesterday with some big priced horses and
probably too ambitious in the end. Nothing back from the 3
races I looked at. All my bets finished just behind the places and ran quite well but none of them really looked like winning.

M o n d a y ‘s R e v i e w

For a Monday it was a very strong message. Started off with a good winner just like Saturday’s message and I was getting excited before it turned sour with 3 very weak bets and it started to look in a lot of trouble. Then Barathea Dancer won to stretch the lead and that was
needed as well. By then we had only had unstaked bottom message choices. The best was yet to come. The two bets I staked both won. Kuwait Star won backed from 14’s to 7/1 and Glossy Posse won as well backed from 7/4 to 11/8. That made for a very smart message.

S a t u r d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Looking back at Saturdays message it started dynamically with 3 quick winners two of which were big prices. After that it folded tamely. I felt the middle of the message was wobbly and said so but dissapointed that it collpased a bit. That said the early winners got us some way ahead and it was a long way from a bad message. When the main bet goes down it’s hard to be too positive but STEPS and CAPTAIN DUNNE were both big priced horses and could hardly be seen as probable winners. It felt to me a better message than it was probably recieved. After all despite
lots of previews I only staked in 5 races and we had a 7/1 winners that was enough to cover stakes on all 5 bets. We had another winner and a place as well from these 5 staked bets not bad at all. It suggests the message was probably too long. Carlito Brigante flopped and that may well be down to having too hard a recent race which was something I
didn’t anticipate. I dont think it was a bad message but it never really reflected the fact that the best 5 options did well and that its annoying.

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