Mathematician Betting Continues to produce the Profits

Probably not given Mathematician Betting enough credit over the last year because its been consistently profitable, educational and honest. Thought i’d reproduce the daily reviews of the past week to give you an idea of how its going. As usual got to say a highly impressive service which has been around for ever – and that cant happen without either slick marketing (definitely doesnt have that) or satisfied customers (definitely does have those). Highly recommended.

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F r i d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Has to be said it was a high class message yesterday from top to bottom. There were 3 bets at the top of the message with two winning securing a decent profit. The bottom of the message did very well almost catching fire. If we ignore the races that had just shortlists which were succesful anyway we ended up with about 12 selections in the message. There were 6 winners and a place] and only 5 losers and overall a very intelligent well planned mail.

T h u r s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Honours even yesterday much as we finished a little
in profit fromthe 3 options. I came away with a small
profit from the saver on No Dominion but I shortlisted
3 horses there and they finished 1st 3rd 4th so could
have been a lot more lucrative. Nothing from the next
bet but INFINITUM won easily to put us a bit ahead.

M o n d a y ‘s R e v i e w

There was no message yesterday. I posted on the board
I needed a days break after a long stint. That just leaves
Mondays message to review. I went with HAAJES as the
bet and maid him a full bet and he ran ok but didn’t have
the legs. I have had a short break from the account and
needed that as well. The service is much more than just
the top of the message and given the time of year and a
lot of bad weather and Monday was the first time I have
had a bet in a while. My other option Shawkantango ran
second each way so a loss on the day but no surprises
given the prices and the state of the racing in October.

S a t u r d a y ‘s R e v i e w

I think the message more than did itself justice yesterday
and in places it was highly impressive. We finished about
level from the four options we had. On the positive side
Strange Magic won easily to start us off and he made sure
we couldn’t lose on the four bets. It was dissapointing that I didn’t get another winner from the 4 bets to reward that message. I probably wasted a couple of bets looking for a big priced horse. The Options though broke level but the bottom of the message was quite impressive. There were
good winners at 4/1 15/2 and 11/4 as well and I felt that
we got the better of the day and deserved more than just
breaking level on the four bets. I think it won on points.

highly recommended service for both education and profit
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