78% Growth for my Felina Account

Now up to just less that 78% for my original $800 with Felmina now. Getting to the stage where it starts to compound at decent amounts now $15-$20 a day. Need to make a decision soon on wether i’m going to leave the balance in the Basic Compounding option or move it to the enhanced. Initially thought would be good to trial the withdrawl option so went for the Basic but, having seen a lot of wthidrawl confirmations on the Facebok page, i’m thinking about changing the balance over to the Enhanced option.

The downside is you have to start the ‘locked in’ period again so it will be 180 working days from the day you change over and you dont have the option to withdraw any of the balance during that period. The difference in the final balances is pretty significant though – i’m currently on target to reach $10000 whereas with the Enhanced option the final balance would be $41,000 based on switching over $1500 which is what the balance will be this time next week.

Investment $800
Balance Now $1423.33
Growth 77.91%
Working Days Elapsed 35
Working Days Remaining 145
Estimated Final Total $10000.65

Felmina Alliance Review

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