Profit Clicking Doing What It Says On The Tin – Slowly

In the last update about Profit Clicking i said i was reserving judgement until i’d received interest and had a withdrawl completed – well both boxes are ticked now so all i can say is that Profit Clicking is carrying out its promises. My previous main criticism was the poor communication from them but they now have a 24/7 live conference room which 5/6 moderators try to answer all the questions raised so i dont think you can ask for more than that.

Still not perfect obviously but they’re catching up interest payments and i received payment for 6th October yesterday. They promise to be up to date in the near future but the fact they’re paying the interest is all i’m bothered about – in fact just checked the account again and the 7th’s is in there as well now.

So a lot of positives to report about Profit Clicking and, to be fair, its a massive undertaking theye’ve got on their hands – not sure of the numbers of members but its in the tens of thousands so there was bound to be some ‘bumps in the road’ as they put it. They could have handled it better to allay a lot of the members concerns but moving forward the website is really good and a massive improvement on the JBP site. Your ‘packages’ are placed immediately and your accounts are updated immediately with everything you do as far as i can tell. No excuses for them now though – they’ve got all the infrastructure in place and working so we’ll see where we go.

Check out the new website here

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