Positve news about Profit Clicking

Received my withdrawl from Profit Clicking into my Payza account today which is great news – the only negative for me is i havent received any interest which they’ve just started paying out again over the last week. Thats because i wasnt viewing the 3 websites a day though so that will change from today. Certainly feel more positive about them and they have live 24/7 chat rooms as well which are staffed with quite a lot of moderators answering questions and concerns immediately.

Will be interesting to see how it goes in the coming months. The interest rates have been halved so its now 1% weekdays and .5% at weekends but this may be a temporary situation apparently. Suppose the big question is when will he next ‘restart’ take place – think lot of members wil be looking for a decent run of interest payments before the next one as a goodwill gesture in light of the migration issues from JBP.

Check out the new website here

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