Profit Clicking Update

Not really sure what to make of the developments at Profit Clicking. More functionality has been added to the site now – originally the option was there just to buy ‘ad packages’ (the old tripler positions) and that was the case for about a week. You are now able to ‘withdraw’ to your payment processor but the reality of this is that this just gets you a place in a ‘queue’ & its up to Profit Clicking as to when or if they process it.  My guess is that they have quite a few requests in that queue due to the previous lengthy delays and lack of communication both during and after the changeover.

The requirement is to ‘view’ 3 adverts every day (basically visit 3 websites) for 20 secs each – this is not a massive issue, especially if it does actually sustain the programme. Until they actually start both paying interest on new & old positions and, crucially, actually process withdrawls i’ll reserve judgment.

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