Felmina Alliance Update

Brief update on my Felmina Alliance account – 4 days interest received, email sent each evening confirming payment. Screenshot of activity attached below. Cant say i’m 100% sure on how the permuatations work when it comes to the ‘Enhanced’ & ‘Basic’ with the different options on the length of time you commit to and the choice of compounding levels but the Facebook page is a really good community with very friendly and helpful members. The default option is ‘basic’ which is where my funds are now but you can choose to move to the ‘enhanced’ – the only thing to remember is doing that will mean you start another 180 day period.

Looking good though and has a calm, solid feel to it so i think whichever option we choose it should be all good.

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

Click for Felminas Facebook Page

felmina alliance review

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