Great, Exclusive Opening Offer For Us From Forex121

Glad to be doing this update on Forex121, certainly seems to have been a long time coming. Think they wanted to make sure there were no more false starts and in its first full month of the relaunch service has seen a 1% growth in the bank .

Just to confirm again as previously mentioned on here the service is offering a ‘performance-related’ fee structure where you pay ONLY if the service gains either 121 pips or a 2% gain on the bank. (presumably means this month is free unless theres a big gain early next week).

The main stumbling block as I see it is the £497 ‘Education’ fee which is payable for an extensive Forex Trading course including the teaching of the methods Dan uses to produce his signals.

Having taken the course last year I can say its definitely value for money if you’re able to trade full time at home – not everybody is which is where the alert services comes in. Dans agreed that I can offer the education and trading course for just £19 via the link on this site using code CP934t – you can then join the ‘performance-related part of the service where you just pay when the profit target of 121 pips or 2% is reached.

In addition they are going to offer subscribers from this blog free, live trader training. Apparently this will take two forms. One course on the absolute basics (what is a pip, what is trading, that sort of level) and the other will be on trading strategies and market analysis. They will be running two of these sessions each week, in the evening and a lunchtime. This will be the same live training that they will be giving to their own clients.

This does seem a great deal from a company which on one day last year made me 600 pips. After a couple of months with them I did describe Forex121 as the best forex service I’d come across and this offer gives us the chance to get some forex training from a genuine, experienced professional before deciding on joining the performance-related service.

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Discount code is CP934t

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