Just Been Paid Review Update 30th June

Interesting couple of days with Just Been Paid. Had some difficulties over the past 10 days withdrawing to my Payza account but came across a note online that JBP has now introduced a ‘viewing requirement.

Basically you need to view 25 websites a week for 20 seconds and this allows you to withdraw your funds. As soon as i completed this (took about 15 minutes) i successfully withdrew to my Payza account.

Other good news was that i got an email advising my JSS Matrix positions had been placed. I’ve now bought the placements which will get the matrixes to cycle as quickly as possible.

All in all very encouraging and with the introduction of the viewing requirement plus talk of other developments looks like JBP are planning to be around for the long term.

More details about joining the programme here

My Forum is based here

Total positions 292
Daily Interest $57.00
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $2552.25
Withdrawn $370.50

Just Been Paid Review

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