Just Been Paid Review 10th May 2012

There was a bit of down time over the last 24 hrs with the JBP site but all the payments were made to the accounts so its all good. Think there needs to be more communication from JBP when the site is down for any length of time because it just creates unnecessary worry for participants. Apparently todays downtime was for some further improvements but it just takes a simple email to everyone and panic over.

Up to $26.40 daily interest now and as & when the ‘restart’happens i’ll be withdrawing the daily interest until my initial investment of $200 is back in my account. Should only take a week or so and everythings a free ride after that which is where i hope everyone gets to asap. There was an announcement today that the newest members of JBP will be paid their daily interest first whereas apparently it was the oldest members who were paid first previously – not sure that it makes a great deal of difference but there you go. Theres also some interesting figures on this blog someone else is running about JBP – if you click on the images you can see the interest gained and, interestingly for me, the number of JSS matrixes the guy had cycled over the past few days. He’s also put up a useful calculator which takes into account the lower interest rate of 1.5% which kicks in over the weekend – link here

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Total positions 132
Daily Interest $26.40
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $716.65
Withdrawn $0.00

Just Been Paid Review

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