Bonus Bagging repackaged as The £500 in 30 Days Guarantee

Just been made aware that Bonus Bagging has been given a new name… ‘The £500 in 30 Days Guarantee’. As regular viewer of this blog know this is a really fantastic product – probably the best product i’ve ever reviewed. Its not because it will make you thousands of pounds because it wont – but it will guarantee that you make hundreds if you follow Mikes simple instructions as to where to place your bets.

I hope this change will make more people aware of Bonus Bagging which will be a good thing. Theres no actual difference in anything but the name but i think the change in name makes it more clear what you can easily achieve. Not life changing amounts but money you can use for other stuff.

Its still available via Clickbank which gives you the 60 day full money guaranteed refund.

So the question is can you really make ‘£500 in 30 days’… guaranteed? Well i’d say you definitely can if you’re able to place 3/4 bets per week following Mikes instructions which take advantage of the online offers bookies make to new customers. Mike uses these offers in a clever way to ensure you profit whatever the results. Some people might make more, some people less – like everything depends what time you’re able to devote to it.

Highest possible reccommendation –
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