Just Been Paid Update 3rd May 2012

Earnings up to $22 a day now & 110 positions. Should really be putting some of the interest aside for buying JSS Matrix premium positions in the forthcoming restart but just liking the compounding of the positions and it is easy enough to transfer money quickly from Alert Pay. Following the restart i plan to take the daily interest out until i’ve withdrawn my $200 which should just take 8/9 days & i’d recommend everyone who’s involved tries to get to breakeven as soon as possible so we’re all playing this as a totally ‘no-risk’ game.

The talk is that they want to be around for ‘years’ but we all know there are no guarantees in this game so I personally think getting to breakeven and then doing what you want with your daily interest after that is the way to go.

More details about joining the programme here

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Total positions 110
Daily Interest $22.00
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $564.40
Withdrawn $0.00

Just Been Paid Review

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