Just Been Paid Update 22nd April

Just Been Paid just keeps ticking over – i may be a bit sad but i’m quite enjoying checking the account growth every day and buying 1 or usually 2 positions daily. By the end of the week the daily interest earnings for my account should be around $20 which is pretty good as i’ve put $200 in so far. i know some of the guys who have joined through the site have put a good deal more in than that & will stand to benefit a lot more than i will as their positions mature.

just listened into a conference call and it seems there will be a ‘traffic exchange’ programme which seems to involve some kind of surfing requirement but this it’s thought that this will help to keep the programme ‘indefinitely sustainable’.

More details about joining the programme here

My Forum is based here

Total positions 84
Daily Interest $16.80
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $384.30
Withdrawn $0.00

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