Some announcements re the JBP scheme

Theres been some important news on the Just Been Paid site over the last couple of days. First thing was that the weekend interest paid will be 1.5% which is apparently because there are less people subscribing to the system at the weekend. I dont see this as a major issue for me because it just means it will take a few days longer to reach the same level & if it makes means JBP is running 12 months from now then it can only benefit the members long term.

The other announcement was that of a ‘restart’ in ‘about 14 days’. These tend to happen every 3 months or so & are basically a consolidation of the JBP scheme & involves the liquidation of a certain percentage of the JSS Tripler positions you already have – believed to be 40% in this case. For example if you have 100 JSS Tripler positions 40 of these will be turned into 10 JSS positions (1 jss for every 4 triplers) and added to your Matrix leaving 60 triplers untouched. The 10 JSS positions can then be cycled & turned into $60 or $40 depending on how many people you have below you.

These restarts are a major component of the ‘indefintely sustainable’ claims from JBP and now is a great time to get involved if you havent already or to buy more positions if you already are involved as its very unlikely that there will be another restart within the next 90 days. This means whatever positions you purchase from today and for the next few weeks are pretty much guaranteed to run their cycle and gain their 150%.

Would obviously prefer to still be getting 2% instead of 1.5% on the weekend but that will seem pretty insignificant if JBP keeps to its claims of ‘being around for years’. In fact after watching this video i transferred back the money i’d withdrawn back in to my Alert Pay account into Tripler positions.

More details about joining the programme here

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Total positions 55
Daily Interest $11.00
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $216.85
Withdrawn $00.00

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