Bonus Bagging Cheltenham Reload Offers

As well as another winner with Bonus Bagging today (£33.42) Mike sent a note out to confirm that he will be updating the members area on the Bonus Bagging site with the ‘reload’ offers for Cheltenham. This will basically a list of the offers bookmakers running for the festival to match deposits and refund losing bets etc. Its a really useful reference and a great way to make some serious money from Cheltenham. These offers cover bookmakers you may already have accounts with and are not just for new customers.

Not been on the site for quite a while and the amount of information on there for members to make money is exceptional – Casinos, Arbitrage, Odds Matching, Refund Offers etc and thats on top of the actual service you’re paying the one time £27.00 fee for. This service is definitely in the ‘over delivers’ category.

As always highly recommended.

Profit £953.73

Details here

Bonus Bagging Review, Matched Betting, Risk Free Betting

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