60 pips gain with Black Dog Forex

Another nice day today with Black Dog Forex – loads of opportunities but a lot of them falling on the same time frames unfortunately. had 3 trades though which were all winners so a very good day. more potential set ups in the afternoon which would have worked out but by then the trends had gone through the 3 waves so potentially looked they had run out of gas, but didnt. still think thats a good rule to have in to get as close to a perfect set up as possible though.

found a free, basic alarm which works quote well although you cant programme it to work between for example 8am – 6pm so you have to manually turn it on and off each day. also found an ea which manages your trades ie moves your stop loss when you get x pips in credit , trailing stop, money managements options etc. not fully tested it yet but worked ok on the trades i took & will make trading a lot easier.

More info re Black Dog & Quick Fix System here

Pip Total +153 pips

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