Nice Day for Black Dog Forex + 80 pips

Well after a quiet day yesterday for Black Dog today was one of those days that makes you think trading is so easy. Nice trending charts on the 15 min TF and lots of the right sort of set ups. Unfortunately a lot of the trades triggered at 13.15 & i could only take 1 but there were other opportunities as well so it was a really good day today with the system.

The basic rules i’m using are pretty much exactly as when i was using the full Black Dog system ie ;
trading the bounces off the no trade zone indicator
wait until the price goes 3 pips below (for sell) or above (for buy) previous ‘trigger’ candle.
target 20 pips stop loss 20 pips or or close in NTZ
now also only taking trades in line with the latest blue or red line
once the trend has had a maximum of 3 ‘waves’ ie return to the NTZ no further trades considered

More info re Black Dog & Quick Fix System here

Pip Total + 80 pips

Here is a eur/jpy trade – note the red line to the left of the chart – this is the indicator which automatically tells you that you only look at sell trades from then on

Black Dog Forex Trade

Heres a eur/usd chart

Black Dog Forex Trade

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