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Came across something interesting this week but it was actually the source of the information which made me curious about it.

Dave Atkinson the author of the Black Dog system has just introduced a separate area of his website dedicated to the ‘2% Club’. Before I give you some info about it, it’s worth mentioning that in the 2 yrs I’ve been a member of the site he’s never promoted anything at all which,when you’ve got a subscriber base of over 2000, says quite a lot about this programme.

Did a little bit of further research and found this random ‘Biz Opp’ site which was interesting especially as they werent actually recruiting so had no reason to make the stuff up – review Just Been Paid 

The basics are that its a wealth generation programme which grows your investment, which can be anything from zero(you get a free $10) to whatever you want. They claim to have resolved the problems of the longevity of these kind of schemes (usually only manage 2 years) and this particular scheme has been operating since Feb 17th 2011 & it now claims 200,000+ members growing at 4,000 a day and they’re currently upgrading their servers so it can continue to handle the growth.

Technically its worked for me so far with my free $10 growing @ 2% for the last 3 days ie .60c! They stress that you should target getting to the level where you are able withdraw your initial investment, whatever you decide that is, so you’re then just using other peoples money to reinvest- very much in the style of Bonus Bagging which sounds like a great approach.

There a number of different options to go with which i don’t want to go into too much detail about here – basically i would strongly suggest having a look at the site. theres a lot of info on it and and its very poorly laid out etc but all the info is there including a useful calculator (remember to click on ‘compound’ though) which shows that using even a small amount like $100 can grow to $16,000 in 12 months.

Anyway we all know there are risks in all online investments, we’re grown ups who should be going into these kind of things with our eyes wide open so if you dont fancy it then good luck to you. Me, i’m going to watch the little free $10 grow  for a week before putting a few quid of my own in. This is definitely a case of only using money you can afford to lose so i think i’ll just use whatever i make on Bonus Bagging from now on and see where it takes me.

So basically, if it helps, i’m going to watch it for a few days & in the meantime carry on with the Bonus Bagging plus stick some stuff on ebay i should have listed ages ago and use the funds from that to fund the account. I’ll then continue to reinvest from the 2% daily profits until i reach a point where i can withdraw my funds and from there its risk free.


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