Happy New Year & Longshot King Update

Happy New Year to everyone and hope 2012 is a healthy & profitable one for you and your familys.

The Longshot King had another great day yesterday and finished December up 85 points for me.  As i’ve said previously on the basis f my experience over the past 5 months I can only 100% recommend you give this one a try.  Definitely the best horse racing service i’ve come across in the 3 years of operating the blog and theres also a free trial available so you can get a taste of the service.

Its important to remember that the nature of this service is that it wont be ahead every single month (historically more like 8 out of 12) but the good months are usually great months & the losing months quite small and certainly manageable.

I’ve reproduced the email Richard sent yesterday reviewing the year and some info re the charity he supports. Any queries email me @ paul15563@hotmail.com

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +164pts

Longshot King Review

Hi Paul,

2011 has been a very decent year for Longshot King members and it is my wish that we can surpass our achievements of this year and build even bigger profits in 2012.

However, wherever you are tonight and whatever way you are celebrating please bare in mind that their are always others who are not so fortunate.

For the last year I have been working with Racing Welfare (great charity) and 5% of all subscriptions (after costs) are donated to these guys to help support people who have worked in racing that have hit on hard times. It’s not a huge amount of money but it goes towards providing housing help, job re-training and other benefits

But, it’s money that comes from your subscription Paul

So i want to thank you for choosing Longshot King and let you know that you are actually giving back to the sport we all love in an indirect way and for that I would like to say thanks.

It just leaves me to say have a great NEW YEARS NIGHT and unlike the Longshot King its 4/6 on that most members will wake up on Sunday to some form of hangover 🙂

All the best to you and your family


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