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Longshot King Review

The Longshot King finished 32pts down in November but has come back strongly in December and, for me, is currently 44 pts up for the month! Just want to emphasise that, 44 points up for December alone.

There was something earlier in the month which made me even more confident about the integrity and customer focus that this service has. A 12/1 winner was paid out by the majority of , but not all, bookmakers so the result was recorded as a loss. At the time this result would have taken the service from negative to positive so the temptation must have been to go with the vast majority result but they didnt.

As usual since then the service has had some nice winners which have got them well into profit. My results record the result as a win because this Longshot King Review is detailing my actual results.

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +123pts

Longshot King Review

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