Bonus Bagging Update

Quick update on this service with a thanks to ‘gs’ with a yahoo email address (i think) who reminded me to do another update to Bonus Bagging. Only managed the 1 more guaranteed win bet since the last update for £38 but have been using the arbitrage system for a 3/4 hours a week. Cant really manage much more than that but if you could its guaranteed ‘no lose’ and basically what you want to make depends on the size of your bank and the liquidity in Betfair.

If you havent joined this service yet what i’d do is sign up for Bonus Bagging, get a quick few hundred from that and just use that bank for the arbitrage betting. So you’ll have made money with no risk at all and then you’ll be using that money to make more money with no risk at all – doesnt get much better than that.

Mike also includes an ‘old school’ arbitrade method free with the service which i’m going to try – basically involves fixed odds coupons.

Profit £682.43

Details here

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