Bonus Bagging Update

Still chipping away now & again with Bonus Bagging – had 2 more guaranteed win bets from Mike since the last update for £38 & £34. Also using the ‘arbitrage’ software now and again for an hour or so with pretty steady success. Not going to make you a fortune but good to make a quick £20. Its actually pretty good fun and feels more like a game that trading or gambling.

Just to confirm you have to subscribe to Bonus Bagging first (which is probably the best service there is anyway) for just a one off £27 and then its £10 per month for the use of the arbitrage software. Both services have got to be just about the best value on the market and the beauty of them both is that you can dip in and ut when you want and work them around a full time job.

When i get to about £1000 i’ll probably leave the bonus bagging but will defintely carry on with the arbitrage trading.

Profit £644.86

Details here

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