Another Good Month for Money Text

Well another excellent month with moneytexts – a gain of 117 pips for September which represents 16% growth on the month 2.65% compounding. If it’s not careful it’s going to turn into the signal service I’ve been looking for for years. That’s 3 good months on the run which is probably enough to remove even my jaded cynicism that the claimed previous results on the site are genuine.

So basically this service is a max of 1 text received around 9.15 every day (potentially 2 but hasn’t been yet) which gives you the entry level, profit target , stop loss & time limit & that’s it. You just leave it to do whatever it does, no management of the trade at all.

Have to say this now goes into the highly recommended pile. You get a free trial as well so definitely worth a go

30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

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