Bonus Bagging Update

Just a quick word about how the Bonus Bagging service has developed since the last update.

Mike has launched a forum where members can alert each other to the latest bookies offers over and above the bets that he gives out.

He’s also now launched some ‘arbitrage’ software which basically constantly checks prices on Betfair and online bookmakers to find opportunites to bet on all possible results in Tennis, Horse Racing or Football & still make a profit. This is only available to existing members for an extra £10 per month which to be honest is an absolute bargain – but obviously you have to join the bonus bagging service to qualify for it.

I’ve used the software and although theres no doubt that you have to be on the ball with the bet placing to make sure you get the prices you need for the profit ,there are around 20 opportunities an hour reported by the software so if the price has changed you just move on.

He’s also just given away another arbitrage strategy to members this evening so a service that was already outstanding has become pretty much essential to make some relatively easy, risk free money.

Profit £572.43

Details here

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