Quiet end to the week with Forex 121

No further trades triggered with Forex121 which wasnt a massive surprise with NFP announcement on Friday. Another good week though with 110 pips gained and anything between 700-1000 pips for the month following Ben & Dans trades.

The ‘Dandroid’ trade copier service goes live on Monday so should be interesting month ahead. I know there was pretty much a full take up of the service from the existing Forex121 members but if you’re interested in what is basically a full time,professional trader trading your account for free unless 200 pips+ are gained in the month then contact Dan on the link below.

I know he’s going to be opening it up to more subscribers in the coming months anyway so it may well be worth putting your name down on a waiting list whilst seeing how it goes for this month.

Current bank +80 pips

More info here

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