Good week for Forex 121

Nice week for Forex121 although i’ve been guilty of closing a trade too early again. I took 50 pips from a longer term Cable trade earlier in the week after moving my stop up to +50 when it went to about +90 which worked out well for me because it reversed & Dan took a 10 pips loss – however i closed a Silver trade down at +45 when i moved the stop up further than Dans instructions and the trade is now @ +200 with him talking about it testing $50 & 900 pip gains. Problem was it was flat as a pancake yesterday whilst Gold was making big gains so just got impatient & tried to lock a bit of profit in.

Good week though because Ben gave a couple of orders out in the evening live room only 1 of which got kicked in, a Gold trade, which returned about 500 pips.

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