DPX Trading Room With Forex 121

It was the first day of trading the DPX trades in the live chat room and it went really well (for pretty much everyone except me). I got in there this afternoon after people had got on eur/usd, gbp/usd & eur/jpy which were all winners. There was a potential DPX trade on Silver which i took but bailed out of when it went around 40 pips down – this wasnt near a reistance level or anywhere near my stop loss so obviously i should have stayed in. Sure enough a candle later it dropped like a stone for a (missed) 50 pip gain. Good job Dans going to be doing this on my behalf when the Dandroid begins in September!

This room looks like it will be a success and a great addition to the service. Obviously difficult markets at the moment & the long term trades, which is Dans main service, are just not there.

More info here
Bank -30 pips

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