Smart Live Markets

Had a few people ask who i trade with & if I would recommend any particular broker – for me I have to say Smart Live Markets have a lot more going for them than most, especially if you’re starting out with forex.

They have a minimum ‘per pip’ stake of .10p which I’m pretty sure is the lowest in the industry, your profits are tax-free as they are officially a spread-betting company who offer MT4 services and they also currently have an offer which guarantees to refund up to £300 of your losses in the first month.

This is great if you’re planning to start with Forex121 or anyone really – you can trade with confidence knowing that if you’re using smallish stakes you can trade a live account free for a month.

The execution of trades has always been spot on and Dan from Forex121 uses them. If they’re good enough for someone of his experience then I’m more than happy to use them. They also cover the full range of markets required for trading with Forex121 & i’m currently using the Smart Live Markets iPhone app to manage the Forex 121 trades when i’m out & about & thats also worked flawlessly. Only positive experiences all round so far.

Have a look here

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