Update on Forex 121

Forex121 had a strange week – if you had left the orders Dan gave in the morning you would have been about 300 pips up for the week but if you had followed his instructions to cancel orders which he gave by email & text you would have been about 30 pips down as i was.

Cancellations were given due to there being big news items being released so he was being cautious for those in the group that couldnt follow the trades live at work. this prompted a live room meeting friday night where its been decided that he will bring the big news times to the attention of members and down to them wether to close or not. What i didnt know was that he keeps the orders open as he’s able to watch the trades & in the time i’ve been with him i thnk theres been about 500 pips lost where cancelled trades have become big winners.

He also mentioned that the trade copier ‘Dandroid’ is being restricted initially to a certain number so if you were interested in that best to let him know.

More info here
Bank -30 pips

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