Update on Forex 121

Just wanted to give a quick update on Forex 121 – i’m on holiday until 23rd July so not actually managing to follow the trades myself. Dan flagged up the potential of a Silver trade yesterday and it went on to make 100 pips+ today. He didnt advise to place an order so he wont be counting it as a successful trade although a lot of members took it.

He’s currently asking all members to supply him with times where he can spend a 30 minute 121 with them going through the strategy and discussing their individual trading goals so he can agree an individual plan for the. This, again, i think demonstrates a level member care and mentoring which you wont find anywhere else. Dan is basically not happy until you fully understand the strategy and, equally as important, you know where you want the strategy to take you in the medium to long term.

More info here

Heres a link to the latest statement of the account i’m trading with Dan on
Forex121 statement

Total Pips +832

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