4pts Loss for Betting Tips UK

Poor day for Betting Tips UK yesterday – all 4 selections lost for a 4pt & £40 loss on the day. The encouraging thing for me though was the response to the loss – i always think that response to losing days always says more about a service than the winning selections. Heres the email that Betting Tips UK sent out last night.

Profit -£26.60

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Thursday 23rd June 2011

Hello Paulcu

It would not be right to celebrate our successes and run and hide when things do not go the way we plan.

Today we took the worst knock of June and ended the day on -4.00 Points.

Only David Ferrer won his match, but this was part of a Double so the bet was still lost.

For many Tipster Services this would be a drop in the ocean, but to us it is a bitter pill to swallow. Mentioning the ‘lovely’ weather is no excuse either. It is Wimbledon after all!

The ironic thing, is that today looked very strong. So much so, that we felt very confident of making over 6 points today.

The past 7 days we stood still. Ending the period on -0.02 Points and the month so far on a still respectable +18.72 Points.

We chose not to grab every Token from you that we could and ignored several winners around midweek.

We are serious when we say we want YOU to make a great deal of money.

Apologies from us for a dull week and onwards to future successes!

Simon, Amit and Peter

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