412 pips with Forex121

Not really sure what to say about today other than its going to take a lot to top it as a first trading day with a service. I always intended to start blogging the results from today so its honestly a concidence that i made 412 pips today! which is actually 10 more than Dan himself.

Heres a link to my statement for the past 10 days of so (the losing dow jones trade for 20 pips was one of my own)

What i do want to stress,apart from the results today obviously, is the level of communication you receive throughout the day.When an order goes live, a new order is added, a stop loss is changed profit taken etc etc you receive an email straightaway so you know your always in exactly the same position as Dan is.

Click here to have a look at the site

Heres Dans end of day email for today.


Ok i have decided to close WS30 for 110 pips, as I am out tonight.

I have also closed SILVER at 35.35 for 50 pips profit.

No orders left in the market and no trades in the market and now I can relax.

End of day I close for 200 + 45 + 110 + 50 – 3 = 402 pips.

Well done team.

Off for a glass of red. 🙂



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