Slight Change of Direction

I’ve not done as much updating of the site recently due to me reassessing where i was in my goals etc. I’m certainly not as far down the road as i was hoping to be and trading isnt yet my sole income which is a bit disappointing when i look at how long i’ve been ‘trading’ for.

I’ve been looking at why this may be and kept coming back to the same scenario with nearly every system i’ve looked at – they work for a few weeks or months & then dont. I get a bit demoralised,leave them and move onto something else. I do research them before i start trialling them but it seems like its only a matter of time before they go through a severe bank-breaking downturn.

There have been exceptions to this – Forex Morning Trade is still trading for me and i expect that will long term grow that particular bank as will 4hr Trader. I’m struggling with Black Dog Forex now which i think is as much down to chart burn on my part out as much as anything else.

The one common phrase you hear when looking into how professional traders trade the market is ‘Price Action’ – heard it when i first started out with Forex but it sounded like too much hard work so set off looking for some ‘easier’ system solutions. The upshot of this is that i’ve decided to focus on & learn Price Action & once done that will give me the ability to trade any market with the bare minimum of indicators – just candles and a couple of MA’s.

To get off to the right start with this i’ve also signed up with Dan Armitages Forex121 service. I know Dan from about 2 1/2 years ago when i first started trading & recording the blogs when he ran the FX500 Club. This was a very busy trading community with chat rooms but at the time a lot of the stuff was going over my head & i left after a couple of months.

Dan has now gone on his own and runs the Forex121 service which is about as complete a service as you could hope for. He provides;
A comprehensive video course covering Price Action & the specific strategies he uses & pretty much every other aspect of trading from the psychology of it to money management.

Service Consists of ;

Daily 30 minute chat in the trading room from 6.45am – 7.15am where the potential trades for the day on the 16 markets will be highlighted and, where appropriate, order instructions given. (Dan puts a short 10 min’ish video up at around 8am where the orders are advised anyway so you dont actually have to get up – but i would say its worth it as you usually learn something worthwhile)

Continuous updates via email throughout the day and details of the orders Dan has placed.

Wednesday night ‘school’ session where a different subject will be focused on each week.

1 to 1 mentorship where necessary.

Target of 100-400 pips per week

Dans set up is perfect for those of us working the 9 – 5 and whilst his goal is to get his students trading full time he encourages you to keep the job until you’ve got a significant bank to work with.

From the short time i’ve been in the room and having spoken to him he clearly enjoys teaching people and is confident in his ability to be able to make anyone a full time trader using just some simple strategies whilst being disciplined.

Dans currently offering us 1 weeks trial of the full service (as oppose to the normal 3 days) and 50% off the initial joining fee. If you feel this sounds like something worth looking at fill the form in below for more details.





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