New Service – Betting Tips UK

Had this service recommended to me by someone who has made steady profit from it since the start of the year. Its payment method is a little different to say the least – basically what you do is buy top-up ‘tokens’ which are only ‘used’ when there is a winning bet. Never come across it before – its a kind of pay as you go service.

So for example you buy 10 tokens (which are usualy £2 each) for £20, you have 2 winners so you’re down to £16 but have won on the bets. You then have 2 losers so no use of any tokens but your bets have lost etc etc.

I’ve signed up and got the free trial of £20 worth of tokens to see how the service goes and i’ll report as often as possible. Results on the site look good but lets see how the live results go. Theres plenty of action from the looks of it, 5 bets given out today – their specialist subject appears to be horseracing with some tennis selections appearing in the last couple of weeks.

If you want to try it out free for yourself sign up here

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