The Perfect Trading Mental Attitude

Just found this on the website. Read a lot of psychological advice re trading but i think these are easier to identify with than most

I trade what I see and not what I believe.

I think in probabilities.

Predicting what the market will do is impossible, irrelevant, and stupid.

The techniques I use give me an edge, which is nothing more than a probability that the trade will go in my favor.

Accordingly, I will stay true to my techniques. I’m lost without them.

I am never right or wrong, because those are not probabalistic perspectives.

My trading edges are like a coin that is rigged to give heads more often than tails. Taking
a trade setup is like flipping the coin. This is good.

I am not Merlin or Ms. Cleo. I have no crystal ball. I don’t need certainty, for there is none in trading.

I always pre-define my risk prior to taking a trade. If a trade does not work, I don’t sweat it. I wait patiently for the next set-up.

The market is my own personal casino. I am the Dealer. By taking all of my clear trade setups, the casino is rigged in my favor.”

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