More gains for 4hr Trader

Well we go from strength to strength with 4hr Trader. The gbp/usd trade we were in last week went on to reach the +200 pip target meaning an overall gain of 300 pips for our 2 separate trades. Also had a loser for -140 pips.

Had a bit of luck with oil which went a little way to making up for our bad luck last week – there were 2 losing trades which triggered on Alpari at the start of the 1am candle. This was on 2 separate days – swings & roundabouts as we all know but went for us this time. Gold has gone well again – 2 winning trades of 100 pips & the full 300 pips respectively whilst the Dow has had 3 trades an 80 pips loser, a b/e and a trade which closed yesterdy for +100

Current Trades gbp/usd +50
Closed Trades +1915 pips

Full Details here

These results were on the Alpari UK platform – signals may vary slightly depending on when your brokers 4 hr candle closes.

Four Hour Trader Review

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