4hr Trader Update

Pretty average week or so for 4hr Trader which could have been an amazing week with a little luck. An oil trade was stopped out before reversing and making 1000 pips! There was also a potential eur/usd trade yesterday which had to be discounted because the trigger candle was too long which is now about 150 pips up as well as a gbp/usd trade which came within 5 pips of making the full 300 pip gain before reversing for a 100 pip gain. Not to mention a gold trade which again was stopped out before reversing where it would have made the full 300 pips.

So a bit frustrating but the stop losses are there for a reason and this is going well with 4hr as it is so no need to change anything.

4th May – 40
4th May +300

26th Apr +100
3rd May -140

3rd may -140

3rd may -140

Current Trades gbp/usd +130
Closed Trades +1335 pips

Full Details here

These results were on the Alpari UK platform – signals may vary slightly depending on when your brokers 4 hr candle closes.

Four Hour Trader Review

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