No change for Forex Morning Trade

The amazing run continues with Forex Morning Trade – B/E Tuesday, no trades on Wednesday and a single B/E trade today to leave us in the same position. As i’ve said before the most important thing in trading is protecting your capital and this is exactly what the FMT ea does. One of the guys who’s back-tested FMT to death on the T2W forum has just posted the below stats which make interesting reading. ‘desert eagle’ is just a variation of the settings used by a member of the forum and 10/40 is 10 pip profit 40 s/l, 28/40 is 28 pips tp etc and the other 2 are self explanatory.

Rolling 12 month gains
DesertEagle +1527
FMT +1865
Old FMT +2040
10/40 +1260
28/40 +1948

More details here

Interesting thread on the EA here

Standard Forex Morning Trade Profit +614 pips Since 28th October
Turbo Forex Morning Trade Profit +571 pips Since 10th December

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