4hr Trader Update

Queried with John the author of both Sane FX and 4hr Trader if Sane Fx was still available and he confirmed that the 4hour Trader can be used for both the 4hr and daily charts with an additional TCCI for the daily charts. So the good news is that for the 1 price you’re getting the ability to trade both the daily charts a la Sane FX and the newer indicators for the 4hr charts.

A good start overall for the 4hr charts with quite a few signals over the last few days. I’ll update it the same way i did with Sane FX ie listing the current and closed trades separately.

The ‘closed trades’ include a 300 pip winning trade on the gbp/jpy and a 140 pip losing trade on Gold.

Details here

Current trades
Trade 1 +46
Trade 2 +60
Trade 3 +65 (100 pips profit taken – 2nd trade running)
Trade 4 +135 (100 pips profit taken – 2nd trade running)

Closed Trades
+355 pips

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