Forex Morning Trade Update

Bizarre week for Forex Morning Trade with all trades hitting the break even level – pretty sure thats not happend before. Bit unlucky on 1 or 2 days with us just missing the take profit level by a couple of pips but no damage done which can only be a good think and hopefully mean more progress next week. 1100 pips in 6 months is obviously good by any standards. One of the guys on the Trade2win forum has calculated that over the past 3 yrs FMT has averaged a return of 15% per month on 3% risk – to put that in perspective it would turn £1000 into £28, 000 in 24 months.

You can start using this EA with Smart Live Markets @ .10p a pip initially which would mean a maximum loss of £4 per trade. Good way to start out and build the bank.

More details here

Interesting thread on the EA here

Standard Forex Morning Trade Profit +614 pips Since 28th October
Turbo Forex Morning Trade Profit +571 pips Since 10th December

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