Sane FX MAJOR Update

Big changes made this week by the guys who produced the Sane FX system. Sane FX has now been withdrawn from sale to be replaced by ‘Four Hour Trader’ apparently because the author has come to the conclusion that the 4 hr charts are the ‘perfect’ charts to trade from.

The charts certainly look similar to Sane FX but dont contain the TCCI line. Quick look at the indicators on previous charts is very promising and i’ll start blogging the results from today on the 4 main charts the author talks about – gold, oil, the dow and eur/usd.

I’ll still be be trading the daily charts from the Sane FX system as this would be my preferred time frame and they’ve made a great start so hopefully i can use them in conjunction with this new system. Not sure i’ll still be blogging them though as there doesnt seem much point.

Current Trades

Trade 5 + 350 pips
Trade 8 + 17 pips
Trade 9 – 4pips

Closed today
Trade 3 +620 pips
Trade 7 +234 pips

Total Closed Trades + 806 pips

Total Open Trades + 363 pips

Details here

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