Bonus Bagging Update

Last night Mike sent me through details of a bookmaker offering a free matched bet up to £50 if you open an account and place a bet with them. The details of the bet to place were also given so i’ve done this and layed the bet off on Betfair. This gives a very small loss overall but once settled on Saturday i’ll have £50 available in the account so i can repeat the process and will end up with £50 (less the £1.16 loss) whatever the outcome.

I’ll try to keep a record of what profit i’ve made – you defintely need to be organised when doing this even though you’re really only doing one or two bets at a time – im just filling in the details of each account opened, the qualifying bet , the ‘cashing in’ bet & how much profit made in an a4 pad so i know where i’m up to.

Details here

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